Monday, February 9, 2009

Battle in the Apple Video Coverage!

If you want to see my intro videos of me on the road, they're on my youtube page. Otherwise let's skip to the good stuff. Also there's some lost footage of the aftermath of the event; only 1 card gets destroyed on camera! More on this later:

Prep pt 1

Prep pt 2

Coverage pt 1

Coverage pt 2

Coverage pt 3

Bear Hug

Coverage pt 4

Interview with Ralph [Blues686]

[saved space for final match which is still uploading]

Sheye eats a Blink


TauronNox said...

And Jeremy eats another card!!!!!!

Orange_Soda_Man said...

Oh so he's eaten others??

Anonymous said...

Oh yes... Many Times... I guess it is one of my bad habits. If i don't like it, I eat it.